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" SSUR, the brainchild of Ruslan Karablin, is a street wear label that encompasses his artistic vision and subversive ingenuity. The brand name, which is RUSS spelled backwards, gives hints of the artist's Russian heritage. Karablin strives to offer deeper concepts and meanings to his clothes instead of merely creating a skin-deep commercial street wear brand. Having a history of over 20 years in street wear, SSUR is considered one of the influential brands in the space.

For our collaboration, SSUR has produced provided us with his ""City Lights"" art, which is inspired by the New York City skyline at night, which in itself is a piece of art that represents so much to so many every time they see it. It represents the afterhours, the bright lights, big city, the apotheosis of New York's grace, swagger, creativity and hustle. "

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