Palladium Boots in GQ

Men's style magazine GQ hardly needs an introduction--"that GQ look" is established code for the very essence of cool, at least where men's style is concerned.

If you pick up GQ's October 2013 issue (which hits newsstands today), you'll see that Palladium Boots have been singled out as a key component of "that GQ look" by garnering a full-page spread and heaps of praise. Highlighting four Palladium styles--namely, Pampa Hi Lite, Pampa Hi Leather Gusset, the perennial classic Palladium Pampa Hi, and Pallabrouse Burnished Leather boots--GQ only confirms what we've known all along--that Palladium Boots are where comfort, cool and cutting edge converge!

So what are you waiting for? Get to the Palladium Boots online shop today and secure your place in the domain of the cool. And while you're out, be sure to pick up GQ's October Issue!

Featured models:
- Pampa Hi Lite
- Pampa Hi Leather Gusset
- Classic Pampa Hi
- Pallabrouse Burnished Leather

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