Local Profile: Andi Galdi Vinko (Budapest, Hungary)

Bigged up by Vice for showing the humour in the mundane, rated by The New Yorker as the emerging photographer du jour and proclaimed by Paper mag to be putting a new spin on nude photography - with shots than include fake hair coming out of models’ bums, hairlines that start from the eyebrow and OAP’s doing stretches around the Christmas dinner table…how could she not be? > Read More

Local Profile: Ufuk Onur Tapan (Istanbul, Turkey)

City Explorers Georgia LA and Emmanuel hooked up with Istanbul insider Ufuk Onur Tapan. Here’s why Georgia hearts the outlandish local. Ufuk, the man the legend. How lucky are we to have this fashion and lifestyle blogger with a huge heart showing us around this crazy city…. > Read More

The City Explorers' 'People of Pitti'

With Palladium’s presence at one of the most thrilling men’s fashion fairs of today, City Explorers Georgia LA and Emmanuel found themselves in the heart of swankiness. Here’s their report in words and images. > Read More

The City Explorers’ Roughest Guide # 5: Florence

Firenze... the most beautiful city we had the pleasure of frequenting. Hold on to your hats though, overwhelming visuals are matched with high heat and lots of poodling crowds, but there's some seriously good stuff to be found. Here's our roughest guide to the best... > Read More